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Babar Too – Tea Tree Oil – Pure Australian – 2oz – Blue

100% Pure Tea Tree Oil

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Available in Original or Lovely Lavender
100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil in Original or Lovely Lavender.
15 ml (1 liquid oz) in a glass bottle or 30ml (2 liquid oz).

Used for Cuts & Abrasions, Acne, Mouthwash, Arthritis, Bacterial Infections of all Kinds ie for Bladder Infection add 15 drops to bath water, Blisters, Boils, Cankers, Ear Ache, Eczema, Fleas, Gout, Lice, Home Cleaning, Ingrown Hairs, Mosquito Bites, Fungus, Warts, Psoriasis, Rash

*non toxic
*anti fungal
*all natural

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30ml (1oz), 59ml (2oz)


Lovely Lavender, Original Unscented